CheckIn Works, the charity marked its fifth birthday in 2015. In these few years it has had a significant impact in terms of the numbers accessing its services from throughout Perthshire as well as developing Giraffe Trading, its subsidiary CIC as an economically viable, sustainable social enterprise. Both Boards of Trustees boast an impressive, professional wealth of skills that have benefitted the organisations in their crucial founding years. Now the Boards are developing a robust joint strategy for the future to ensure continued social impact and economic success.


CheckIn and Giraffe have a committed and highly enterprising management team with a valued mix of entrepreneurial and social care skills. The management team lead on building relationships with local and national network partners and forging business development opportunities. They are jointly responsible for the governance of the charity and are establishing an effective staff development scheme which they apply significant care and devotion to.



CheckIn Works has a highly effective team of trainers, support workers and social work students who are on hand to make the difficult steps into work for jobseekers as easy as possible. Throughout the process they are also on hand to help the staff of Giraffe Trading work with jobseekers to ensure confident, able employees for the future. There are around 25 staff members in total at varying times of the year with around one third being former jobseekers. CheckIn is also currently seeking its first level of accreditation through the Investor in Young People scheme.

For more information on our current activities here is a link to:

Annual Update 2015 CheckIn Works


Trish Young

Chair – CheckIn Works

Ian McGrath


Bill Robertson


Derek Forgan


Janice Laurie


Pam Wilson


Gareth Ruddock

Chief Executive